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4 Career mistakes (and how to change them)

Career mistakes to stop nowRegardless of how happy you are in your current job, don’t make the  mistake of becoming too comfortable. Not only do things change: companies retrench, are bought out or operations move locations, but you might also feel like it’s simply time for a career change.

If you want the best career possible, or want to move on quickly if and when the time comes, here are a few career stunting mistakes you should avoid at all costs:

Mistake I: Not taking up new challenges or learning

Ignoring new trends in your industry and doing things the old-fashioned way will not push your career to greater heights. Instead your skills and knowledge will dwindle and eventually be outdated. Step outside your comfort zone. Acquire as much as you can about your industry; take on new projects, keep up to date with the latest technology and the best practices.

Mistake II: Avoiding networking and looking for new opportunities

Declining any and all opportunities to attend industry or company events, and constantly isolating yourself will not get you far. By meeting new people, whether within your industry or company, you’re inadvertently building a contact base – which will be beneficial when looking for a new job. In addition, networking will assist you in exploring various other possibilities in your industry, including what kind of positions your peers hold and how much they earn.

Mistake III: Leaving a bad impression

Inability to maintain confidentiality and participation in gossip is likely to destroy any chances of a promotion or new job opportunity. It’s important to remain professional and respectful at all times – avoid any gossip chains, be it with your colleagues, boss or office friends. Also remember to apply the same principle to your social media posts as well.

Mistake IV: Not performing to your full potential

Not being a team player and not delivering above and beyond of what’s expected of you will send out all the wrong messages. Therefore, try to always give your best and don’t shy away from taking on new challenges and opportunities.

Changing your mindset and adopting these small habits will lead to small gains.

How to prevent Google from destroying your career

Have you ever googled yourself? No? Do it NOW!

And while you process all the information about yourself you are confronted with right now, we will provide you with some nice tips for a proper online presentation.

When you apply for a job, obviously Human Recourse Managers or Recruiters will google your name. If they find negative or slanderous information, your chance of landing the job might reduce. So what kind of information should not pop up on Google?

1. Negative news articles
If you owned a business would you want to hire a person who has been in the news in a negative way? No, you would rather pick the person with a more positive record.

2. Arrest or legal mix up information
This information is absolutely not what you want to share with a future employer. It is important to ensure that this information is not showing or is at least extremely hard to find.

3.Bad break ups
Sometimes break ups can tarnish your reputation. Both through the ugly things you have said and through the scandalous things being said about you. Make sure recruiters cannot find any online backlash referring to you.

4. Negative reviews
Whether it is a review from a former employer or an anonymous review site like HelloPeter, it is not helping your reputation. It should rather show a letter of recommendation.

Last but not least, there will always be negative results but most recruiters won’t look at the third or fourth results page of any search engine they’re using. They probably do not even check the second, but in case they do, make sure the first and the second results page only shows positive (or at least neutral) information.

The key is to build a positive and active online presence by building a personal or professional website or a blog and maintain them actively.

Don’t forget: There is nothing wrong with showing your character and being different from the ‘standard’ office person, as long as it is all positive. In the end, nobody wants to hire a person that has the potential to tarnish a business’ reputation.

Written by Krista van Zeijl, International Content & Marketing Intern at Who’s Who SA.