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10 Nelson Mandela quotes that can help build your personal brand

Nelson Mandela is counted among the Nobel Peace Prize laureates for his commitment towards the peaceful abolition of the apartheid regime and for establishing the foundations for a new democratic South Africa. His wisdom can be applied to all spheres of life.

Here we’ve identified ten of Madiba’s infamous life quotes that you can apply to your own life to grow your personal brand and enable you to make a difference in the lives of others. Continue reading

Be the best brand you can be – and win!

Be the best brand you can be!For more than a 100 years, Who’s Who of Southern Africa has been the recognised source of information for the media, researchers and the general public about individuals of influence in the region. The site serves is a powerful business tool that enables you to connect, interact and establish meaningful relationships with your chosen network of like-minded professionals on the platform. Continue reading