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Qualification free Jobs: Information Technology Part One

Most of us have found ourselves in this dilemma; you have a qualification but are battling to find a job, or you just want to do something different.  Initially this may seem like a problem, but it need not be. With a positive attitude, an open mind and some research, you’ll soon realise that you don’t have to have a degree to work in certain industries.


For instance, the internet has created many jobs in the IT industry since its inception. Continue reading

How to make your business idea successful

It’s no secret! Now more than ever, entrepreneurship is changing the world. Young entrepreneurs are realizing significant gaps in the market and are seizing the opportunities. Take Ludwick Marishane; The 24 year old from Limpopo founded HeadBoy Industries, “a business that designs and commercializes new services and products in the country”. Marishane’s business idea was so innovative that Google named him among the 12 most intelligent brains in the world.

Mmaking your business ideas successfulSo what does it take to make your business idea work? Is there a given formula? Continue reading

No more useless office chatting

Woman Power

Are you tired of being distracted by your colleague’s continuous chatting and feeling unproductive because you constantly have to listen to their personal and sometimes boring problems and/or conversations? This person is known as the office talker – the one who sees a conversation as a soliloquy and wastes untold amounts of your time with endless chatter, opinions, or whining. Here’s how you can approach this problem and stamp it out. Continue reading