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‘Please Call Me’ inventor, Kenneth Makate wins Vodacom court battle

After years of battling it out with Vodacom, ‘Please Call Me’ inventor Kenneth Nkosana Makate has won the case against the cellphone network service provider. In  early May 2016, the Constitutional Court ruled in favour of Kenneth stating that Vodacom was bound by an agreement with Kenneth who has said that he had approached his former employer with the concept.


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All mobile phone owners know that should they find themselves without airtime to send a message or make a call, all they need to do is send a free ‘Please Call Me’ text message to any number. The receiver is notified that the sender wishes to speak to them. That simple!

There is however some dispute as to who exactly invented the system: either Vodacom former employee Kenneth Makate or former MTN employee Ari Kahn. Each has their own proof and the matter is still being investigated in court.

Another interesting telecoms development is also credited to a local. In 1947 a South African named John Karlin persuaded Bell Labs to create a unit, originally called the User Preference department and later Human Factors Engineering, to study the dynamics of using a telephone. It is from these studies that touch-tone dialling arose; effectively making John Karlin the inventor of touch-tone dialling and changing the way we use telephones forever.

Kenneth’s case not only proves that there is indeed no shortage of creative and aspiring minds in the local ICT and Telecommunications industry, but more importantly, it is a reminder that you should not throw in the towel when you feel you’ve been unfairly treated. If you’re considering suing your boss, make sure you’ve prepared yourself for the consequences, whether the outcome is with or against you.

6 Things not to do to if success is what you’re after

Things not to do to achieve success

We all want to achieve success at some stage in our lives. But some of us don’t realise that to ignite that success fire, sometimes the trick has less to do with what to do and more to do with what not to do.

Unproductive habits and thought patterns can have a crippling effect on how much success we actually achieve. So to help you on your quest to become victorious, we’ve summed up a few habits you need to let go of… Today!

Don’t wear a mask.

Life’s too short to live each day worried about what people think or say about you. Be it the way you dress, the way you speak, the way you feel or what you believe in; you cannot stop being you to please other people. So refrain from living in people’s shadows and start living your own life.

Don’t wait for someone else to do it.

One thing you need to realise is that life ends the instant you choose to silence yourself and hold back from addressing problems that matter. Don’t let the stresses of the world stop you in your tracks. Don’t shy away from your thoughts and feelings. Instead, let your voice be heard. Know your worth and do whatever it takes to get things done.

You are braver than what you think, stronger than what you seem, and twice as capable as you’ve ever imagined. – Marc Chernoff

Don’t hold on to everything.

Life does not stay the same. It changes. And as it evolves so should you. When things don’t seem to make sense in your life, it’s okay to let go. Always remember: Giving up and moving on are not the same thing. And it’s ok to change your mind.

Remember, to learn is to grow, to grow is to change – change for the better.

Don’t neglect your close friendships.

It’s important to hold onto good friendships. Friends are good for your health; they increase your sense of belonging and purpose and can boost your happiness. Stay connected to your friends, fight for them and allow them to fight for you. Don’t push them away by being too distracted, busy or tired. And don’t take them for granted.

Don’t make everything seem like such a chore.

Remember that to live is a privilege. Therefore, refocusing your thoughts from feelings of “having to do” certain things to “getting to do” them will do so much for your energy levels, happiness and effectiveness.

Don’t be lazy

Contrary to what you may think, the world doesn’t owe you anything. Instead, it is you who owes the world something. So stop sitting around in hope of something happening. Get up and make things happen. Substitute laziness for determination.

Laziness is being unable to find the time you have.  Determination is being able to find the time you don’t have. – Marc Chernoff

What you need to know about internet scamming

Nowadays, many people are online and use internet banking as a convenient and helpful tool for making banking transactions. Online fraudsters are also on the rise and are developing complicated methods to retrieve confidential information from you, the internet user.internet scamming

There are three main methods hackers use to gain access to intimate information, namely, phishing, SIM card swaps and to a lesser degree, Trojan Horses. Continue reading