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How to engage with your Instagram followers

Instagram is no longer just a platform for users to post images of their favourite things. Now businesses can use the social media platform to fill their pages with brand content. As a matter of fact, in comparison to other major social media platforms, Instagram has the highest engagement rates between brands and customers.

While it’s great that your followers want you to engage with them, how you go about it is what matters. If you’re uncertain about what it takes, follow these tips below to ensure you get the most from your Instagram followers.


1.Teach yourself how to make most of Instagram for business

More and more businesses are setting up homebase on Instagram so they can stay in touch with their target market. In response, Instagram has created an Instagram for business, where businesses can now get tips, brand spotlights, API examples and news straight from Instagram’s headquarters.

2. Develop a following

Consider these three tips for growing your followers:

  1. Make use of popular and relevant hashtags
  2. Link your Facebook page to your Instagram account
  3. Follow back, comment and like others’ posts

3. Add an embedded Instagram video to your website

With Instagram’s embed feature, you can extend your content to users who may not be able to see your shares on other social media networks.

4. Contrast your posts by using filter types and no-filter types

You can use the various filters Instagram provides to change the look and feel of your page. A study conducted by Simply Measured  revealed the top filter choices, finding that top of the list was Lo-fi, followed by Valencia, Rise, Amaro, Hudson, Sierra, X-Pro II and Hefe.

5. Host photo contests on Facebook

You can leverage photo contests on Instagram using hashtags so you can organise submissions and an RSS feed to keep up with entries as they come in.

To help you promote your contest, use Facebook status updates.

6. Post images of your employees

A few posts of some behind-the-scenes shots is a great way to showcase your organisation. It’s also a way to celebrate your employees and show how much you value them.

These are only a few ways to use Instagram to enhance your brand. If you have any tips of your own that you’d like to share, you can leave a comment in the comments box below.

Which South African inspires you?

We all have at least one person we look up to and who’s shaped one or other aspect of our lives. So we were curious to know which South African inspires our Facebook followers…

Of all the responses, it looks like former president Thabo Mbeki is still a great influence among many South Africans. President Jacob Zuma and Economic Freedom Fighter’s leader, Julius Malema, were not far behind either. Continue reading

Are you older than SMS?

Twenty-two years ago no one knew a simple season’s greetings text to a friend would turn SMS into the world’s most common form of communication. With the unprecedented popularity of Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp and Mxit, texting has become one of the greatest inventions of our time.

To celebrate the 22nd birthday of text messaging, we collated 6 facts you probably didn’t know about the worldwide phenomenon:HBD SMS edited

The world’s first text message was sent out on 03 December 1992 by Neil Papworth, a software programmer from Reading.

Initially the idea was for Papworth to develop an in-house Short Messaging Service Centre for staff at Vodafone’s site in Newbury, Berkshire.

It took 7 years for text messaging to take off.

Mobile phone companies in the United Kingdom were convinced that people would still prefer face-to-face contact as opposed to typing a message. The phenomenon became popular in 1999 when rival networks started allowing customers to exchange SMS while also introducing pay-as-you-go.

Whatsapp is the biggest competition in the SMS arena.

Owing to Whatsapp’s major success is the mobile messaging app’s free text messages. While many large mobile operators still charge fees for a set amount of text messages, Whatsapp charges close to nothing for their messaging service.

Men use text messaging more than women.

While women use SMS to send long messages and  discuss their relationship issues, men see the messaging service as a functional way of communicating. As such, they use SMS to send short text messages.

Texting is the second most common use for a phone.

The first being checking the time.

Text messaging is in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Sonja Kristiansen of Norway broke the fastest text message when she wrote: “The razor-toothed piranhas of the genera Serrasalmus and Pygocentrus are the most ferocious freshwater fish in the world. In reality, they seldom attack a human,” in just 37.28 seconds. The record was previously held by 24 year old Scot Craig Crosbie, who typed the same message in 48 seconds.