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African Proverbs and Quotes that Leaders need to hear now

Africa is home to many wise leaders. Although many of these proverbs and quotes are traditionally offered as moral guides in the spirit of ubuntu, leaders and their teams can learn from them too.

African Proverbs and Quotes teach us that…

Working together as a team is the quickest route to success:African Proverb team workTanzania proverb

A team is strongest when acting as a unit:Bondei proverbAfrican ProverbTeam Work African Proverb

A wise leader is one who learns from other opinions too:Ashanti proverbAfrican Proverbkenyan proverb

Learning is a process and we should therefore remain humble:African Proverb learnTanzanian proverb

Mistakes aren’t necessarily bad if we learn and grow from them:African proverb learn

A respected leader leads by example:Ethiopian Proverb 2

A leader educates himself before making decisions:kenyan Proverb reasoningafrican Learn proverb

A leader should welcome help and advice:Ethiopian ProverbNot to wish to know African proverb

Personal gain is a myth:Chinua Achebe quoteMisfortune teaches wisdom proverb

Each team member should complete tasks that plays to their best skills:Desmond Tutu quote

Each leader possesses the ability to be great:Nelson Mandela quote

Here are a 20 more motivational quotes to keep you going.

4 Career mistakes (and how to change them)

Career mistakes to stop nowRegardless of how happy you are in your current job, don’t make the  mistake of becoming too comfortable. Not only do things change: companies retrench, are bought out or operations move locations, but you might also feel like it’s simply time for a career change.

If you want the best career possible, or want to move on quickly if and when the time comes, here are a few career stunting mistakes you should avoid at all costs:

Mistake I: Not taking up new challenges or learning

Ignoring new trends in your industry and doing things the old-fashioned way will not push your career to greater heights. Instead your skills and knowledge will dwindle and eventually be outdated. Step outside your comfort zone. Acquire as much as you can about your industry; take on new projects, keep up to date with the latest technology and the best practices.

Mistake II: Avoiding networking and looking for new opportunities

Declining any and all opportunities to attend industry or company events, and constantly isolating yourself will not get you far. By meeting new people, whether within your industry or company, you’re inadvertently building a contact base – which will be beneficial when looking for a new job. In addition, networking will assist you in exploring various other possibilities in your industry, including what kind of positions your peers hold and how much they earn.

Mistake III: Leaving a bad impression

Inability to maintain confidentiality and participation in gossip is likely to destroy any chances of a promotion or new job opportunity. It’s important to remain professional and respectful at all times – avoid any gossip chains, be it with your colleagues, boss or office friends. Also remember to apply the same principle to your social media posts as well.

Mistake IV: Not performing to your full potential

Not being a team player and not delivering above and beyond of what’s expected of you will send out all the wrong messages. Therefore, try to always give your best and don’t shy away from taking on new challenges and opportunities.

Changing your mindset and adopting these small habits will lead to small gains.

Mandela Day Team-building activities Part 3

If your offices are situated in and around Durban, here are some team-building activities you and your colleagues can partake in to make a difference on Mandela Day:

nelsonmandela_with_children_53d4f_thumb_01. Educate a child on Mandela Day

If your team, like the Mtubatuba community in Richards Bay believes in upholding Nelson Mandela’s ideal of “education as the most powerful tool,” join them in donating educational mathematical instruments and scientific calculators to the Ikusasaletu High School in Mtubatuba.

Contact ekotze@webmail.co.za to contribute.

2. Mandela Day Blood Drive


The South African National Blood Service has set a target of 200 pints of blood for 67 donors for the Sunflower fund. If your team would like to be the next heroes, why not visit Kensington Square in Durban North on 18 July 2014 to donate your blood?

Call 031 564 6070 for more.

3. 67 pictures for Mandela Day

The public is invited to pose for a picture which will be taken behind a Mandela wallpaper for R20. All participants will be given a piece of paper to jot a message that will be put inside a pair of shoes that will be donated to 20 of the most needy school children in the area of Umlazi in the South of Durban. Businesses as well as the public in and around the city of Durban are warmly invited to join.

For venues visit RS Multimedia’s website, Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest

4. Siyakhula Etholeni Creche

Put on your construction helmets and assist the Etholeni Community in providing a safe and conducive learning environment for the children of the crèche in Etholeni, near Wasbank. The existing crèche building is in terrible condition and the community has started to build a new one.

Contact siyabadudulacoop@gmail.com to find out more.

5. Mandela Day

Why not take your team to join the four homes for children with disabilities, HIV/Aids and the homeless that have been invited to the local FET College in Margate. On 18 July 2014 local artists and musicians will be entertaining the children who will also be given toys.

To find out more email anelemsomi@gmail.com