Who’s Who: for Students too

We live in an age where the internet has become one of the most important means of gathering information. Social networks have become increasingly important in connecting with others, and each platform offers users an opportunity to share aspects of their personality with the rest of the world.

Unfortunately, many people – including young adults – choose to promote their fun and frivolous side by posting arbitrary and sometimes controversial and explicit, images and statuses on their networks. They are presumably unaware of the negative impact it may have on their job prospects, but consider this: would you hire someone that has a wild online ‘image’ – even if he gets great grades offline?

Our advice: consider your online actions, and generate a professional image from an early age. Also, populate your Who’s Who profile to gain the edge. We’ve developed a platform that highlights your achievements and successes, and can counteract that awkward image that the internet has of you.

Who’s Who is a professional network that allows you to put your best foot forward, offering you the opportunity to create an impressive profile which potential future employers will see.

If you thought that ‘professional’ is synonymous with boring, think again:

  • Compete with friends to see who gets the most badges
  • Compete with your friends to see who ranks higher
  • Brag to your friends about your achievements without sounding pompous
  • Share your successes with one click via Email, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Add images, videos, blogs, documents, sound clip and links in your portfolio to further promote your professional activities
  • Network with leading personalities in your field by adding them as contacts on your page
  • Include testimonials from school teachers, current lecturers, even your colleagues from your group assignments
  • Add your high school achievements to further impress prospective employers
  • Add your Who’s Who profile link in your CV to promote your online brand

Let your Who’s Who profile be the first impression that lasts. You may have noticed that WhosWho.co.za has just launched an Internships and Vacation Work feature, one that lists vacancies for young professionals seeking an opportunity to get their foot in the door and take the first step along their chosen career path. If you’re looking for an internship, keep your eye on this space. Good luck!