Claim Your Who’s Who Profile

Basic company profiles are automatically created when individual members capture their company name in their professional profile. Company representatives are able to take ownership of these profiles when they claim their company profile.

If you’d like to take control of your company profile on Who’s Who, log in to your profile, and click on the hyperlink of the company in question that appears on your profile page. If you have not yet updated your professional details to reflect your position at the company in question, do so now.

Clicking on the company name will take you to your company page. All other Who’s Who SA profiles which contain your company name in their current or previous position fields will appear on the company page.

In order to access the edit and update features of the company you have claimed, click the link on the right of the screen which reads ‘Claim This Company Profile’ and follow the steps. Once granted, you will be able to manage, build and personalise your online corporate brand and reputation.

  • Benefit from strong SEO to actively promote your brand, with results appearing high up in search engine rankings.
  • Showcase the professional biographies of your people favourably and in one place.
  • Add a description, logo and marketing image to promote your brand, products or services.
  • Add your contact details and branches, which will also appear in the “Places” feature on our iPhone and iPad apps.
  • Include a corporate video and RSS feed from your company website or blog.
  • Advertise jobs and post new items relating to your company.
  • … and more!

Please send an email to if you have any questions, suggestions or feedback for us.