African Proverbs and Quotes that Leaders need to hear now

Africa is home to many wise leaders. Although many of these proverbs and quotes are traditionally offered as moral guides in the spirit of ubuntu, leaders and their teams can learn from them too.

African Proverbs and Quotes teach us that…

Working together as a team is the quickest route to success:African Proverb team workTanzania proverb

A team is strongest when acting as a unit:Bondei proverbAfrican ProverbTeam Work African Proverb

A wise leader is one who learns from other opinions too:Ashanti proverbAfrican Proverbkenyan proverb

Learning is a process and we should therefore remain humble:African Proverb learnTanzanian proverb

Mistakes aren’t necessarily bad if we learn and grow from them:African proverb learn

A respected leader leads by example:Ethiopian Proverb 2

A leader educates himself before making decisions:kenyan Proverb reasoningafrican Learn proverb

A leader should welcome help and advice:Ethiopian ProverbNot to wish to know African proverb

Personal gain is a myth:Chinua Achebe quoteMisfortune teaches wisdom proverb

Each team member should complete tasks that plays to their best skills:Desmond Tutu quote

Each leader possesses the ability to be great:Nelson Mandela quote

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