Are you a Notable?

We all have our own idea of what’s Notable. At Who’s Who SA, Notables are individuals who go beyond their call of duty to seek new opportunities to improve themselves and those around them.

From teachers to creatives, entrepreneurs and sportsmen, we’ve awarded recognition to some of the country’s greatest inspirational key personalities. So today we take a look back at what some of the Notables had to say when asked: What’s Notable to you?

Notable is someone or something to be reckoned with. Someone who’s work is undeniable, filled with passion that’s recognisable from a mile away. A person who has engraved their position in the world, and is not invisible.
Spoken Priestess, UJFM 16BarsReloaded radio host

Anyone who follows their dreams despite what anyone else thinks, is willing to make mistakes and learn, does not give up in the face of failure and is willing to take the steps necessary today, to do better than they did yesterday.
Calvin Terblanche, Co-founder of Trender

To remain humble at the height of fame
to remain hopeful in the darkness of despair
to find peace when surrounded by chaos
to find happiness when knee-deep in sadness
to be selfless when you’re allowed to be selfish
to be youthful when you know that death is within reach… To me, that is notable.
Muhammad Ismail, Author of “To find a bride”

To me being a notable person is any person willing to give up their time and energy towards making another’s life better. And you don’t need to be a social worker or humanitarian to do so. Every person can make a small difference in the lives around them. What’s noticeable to me, is someone willing to try.
Jessica Dewhurst, Edmund Rice Network Southern African Social Justice & Advocacy Desk Coordinator

Someone who positively changes people’s lives by dedicating their life to the betterment of the whole world, not just themselves as individuals.
Floyd Shivambu, EFF Chief Whip and Commissar in Policy

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