3 secrets to effectively communicate your brand

By now you probably know the importance of building and maintaining your personal brand. But once you’ve dedicated your time to perfecting your brand, how can you share it in the most effective way? What are some of the best practices you can implement to get the results you want?

Below we’ve collated 3 things you can start doing immediately:

3 Secrets to effectively communicating your brandUse your Who’s Who SA profile

For years now, Who’s Who SA has assisted thousands of professionals to grow their professional brand. As a registered and active Who’s Who user, you can build an extensive network of associates, beneficial for your online reputation. Moreover, you’ll be able to promote your professional experience.

Based on the information contained on your professional profile, our ranking system will track your progress, enabling you to earn various noteworthy badges that will distinguish you from the rest and stand you in good stead of recognition from some of the region’s top recruiters.

Share your brand in your email

For many professionals, email is just another form of communication. But beyond the message, your name and professional email address, every message you send has the potential to be reshared and reinforce your brand.

If you send dozens of emails daily, you should use your email signature as an opportunity to share and deliver your brand. Consider adding a short, language appropriate tagline to your signature. This will help your recipients to get a simple and subtle reminder of who you are. Also think about using your voicemail to reinforce your brand. By adding a short message reminding your callers about what your business is about, you’ll instantly reinforce your brand.

Mention your brand in conversation

Although you may use your Who’s Who profile occasionally, to reinforce your brand you’re going to have to talk regularly about your it. Depending on your audience, you’re also going to have to become more intentional with your choice of words. In one instance you may be conversing with a technical expert, in which case your word choice will differ than when you’re in dialogue with someone that has no idea about the technical field. In either case it’ll depend on the audience, the circumstance and the message you want to convey.

To effectively mention your brand you’ll need to practice talking about it out loud. Keep in mind that the more you share your brand the more gracefully you’ll deliver it. Also try and observe how your audience reacts. By picking up emotions such as, boredom, confusion and engagement, you’ll be able to tell if you’re on the right track or not.

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