From Marketing to Mattering

Making consumers aware of products and services used to be one of the most important things for an organisation or a brand. Marketing was based on the four P’s: Product, Price, Place and Promotion, and that was it. Today however, there is much more to it. It’s not only the product or the service that has to distinguish itself from others, it’s the brand as well.

1So how is an organisation or brand able to get the undivided attention of its consumers today and in the future?

As consumers are part of society, brand management becomes society management. Why? Because from this moment onwards brands have to create an active role for themselves within society. These days, it is all about ‘Mattering’.

It has been found that consumers have the desire to be enriched by companies and brands. A brand needs to influence consumers’ lives in a positive manner. The greater the enrichment, the more important the brand will be for the consumer. Consumers seek positive changes, not only on an emotional or social level, but on societal level as well – a brand needs to have life changing features.

For example,  Nike Sportswear has been contributing to its consumers’ lives on both emotional and social levels with the ‘Just Do It’ campaign. By taking this approach, Nike is taking marketing to the next level. The relationship between sportsmanship and health is more and more emphasised in its campaigns and with this Nike Sportswear contributes to international public health.

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Written by Krista van Zeijl, International Content & Marketing Intern at Who’s Who SA.