Balancing full-time work and study

Balancing work and studiesFinding a balance between your professional and personal life can feel like a tug of war if you’re unfamiliar with the “work-life balance” concept. Both areas are equally important and require constant attention in order to succeed.

Evidentally, the term “full-time” means that work or study activities are structured in a way that they work into a person’s everyday life. Deciding to pursue both at the same time means that you’re doubling up the demands and have twice the amount of responsibilities in your life.

So how do you keep a healthy balance between your full-time studies and work? Here are some tips that will help you in your pursuit:

Good time management

Probably the most important skill you’ll have to learn during this time is good time management. Set up a daily or weekly plan that you’ll stick to. Acknowledge that your weekends will also have to be factored into your plan. But be sure to make time for other commitments.

Connect with your classmates

When studying and working at the same time it can be very easy to lose motivation without constant student contact. Email can be a great tool not only to share ideas and brainstorm with fellow classmates, but to also catch up with your classmates and stay motivated.

Set goals and reward yourself when you attain them

This is great for self-motivation. You’ll also need some time off studying.

Keep your study materials in close proximity

Keeping you textbooks, notes and computer in a place where they can be easily retrieved when needed saves you from worrying about them for instance, after a long day at work.

Make room for play

Play revives the mind, body and soul and gives us a greater purpose in life. Take some time off your studies to enjoy a favourite hobby. Whatever your idea of downtime, it’s important to make space for recreational activities on your timetable in order to rejuvenate your energies.

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