Unconventional career advice for graduates

So you’re graduating soon and the good news is you’re a step closer to financial freedom. The not-so-good news is you’re joining pools of graduates in the same position as yourself and therefore the question becomes, how are you going to ensure that you set yourself apart from the rest?Unconventional career advice for graduates

As the conventional rules of arriving on time and dressing appropriately, are a given, we’ve gathered a few unconventional ways to give you that extra edge.

Grammar counts

One of the most important skills that human resource executives look for is your ability to write, regardless of the type of position you’re applying for. While good grammar and sentence structure is essential, vocabulary and your overall thinking process are also vital.

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Know what you want

Know what you want and how to articulately convey it. Rather than showing generic enthusiasm, identify your strengths so you can bring something different to the table. Anyone can talk about their skills but many people fail to demonstrate how their skills will benefit the company.

Keep in the know

Reading the latest newspaper headlines is not only beneficial for your general knowledge, but knowing what’s going on in the world around you is a great way to create endless networking conversations.

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Small details matter

Most graduates are so consumed with the bigger picture that they don’t realize that the small details are just as important. Mentioning that you can operate a computer won’t differentiate you from the rest. Be more specific; mention your Excel, Powerpoint and Photoshop skills and your ability to solve simple mathematics problems without reaching for the PC calculator.

Don’t overthink your university qualification

Nowadays, having qualified from the most recognized university does not count for everything. When prospective employees look at applicants they check whether the applicant has a degree; from which institution the degree was from is a distant thought.

Therefore, if during your business management course you completed a sociology module, mention it to show that you can combine business with behaviourial insights.

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