7 habits of highly respected individuals

7 Habits of highly respected individualsWant to know how the Oprah Winfrey’s, Richard Brandson’s and Steve Jobs’ of the world made it to where they are today? According to Thai Nguyen, founder of Wantrepreneurjourney.com, the answer simply lies in cultivating the right habits! And the great news is, nothing’s stopping you from doing exactly the same. After all, respect is earned, not demanded.

Below we share 7 habits of highly respected people:


When entering a room, highly respected people acknowledge everyone and not just the people they know. They don’t shake hands with just the few they know and give the rest a head nod, but rather, they take the time to smile and look every person in the eye.

Try that next time you attend an event, recommends Nguyen. Acknowledge, look them in the eye and give a warm smile.

Live in the Background

Highly respected people do not run after fame. Instead, they do their work because they have faith in it. Even though their efforts may be unnoticed, they continue to add value to the lives of others and contribute to the world. “Intrinsic value is found in doing the work,” says Ngumen.

Do what you do because you believe in it, not for the fifteen minutes of fame.


Taking a few minutes to send a thank you email or writing a short note shows a great deal of gratitude and appreciation. Highly respected individuals make the effort to show their gratitude to others even though their efforts may go unnoticed. They know that a simple thank you can go a long way in brightening up someone’s day.

It does not take much to pass a little thank you note to someone. And there’s never a shortage of people that we can be thankful for, says Nguyen.

The Shirt off the Back

To the highly respected, the idea of “reaping what you sow” is lived through their everyday actions. They have a mindset of giving and generosity. They also know that their life has been nurtured through their ability to give to others and are always returning the favour.

Nguyen asserts that, You can create the same culture by practicing a simple act of generosity today.

The Bottom Up

Highly respected people do not think of themselves as above the rest. In other words, they get in the trenches with everyone else.

Borrowing from Guy Kawasaki in his “Ted Talks”, Nguyen says that, “Steve Jobs did demos on Apple’s products. He was not only the man behind the innovations but also the hands that operated them. He knew the business from the bottom up. Steve Jobs did not live in an ivory tower.”

In the same sense, whatever you are involved in, do not be afraid of getting your hands dirty.

Bigger than Themselves

The highly respected have goals and a mission that goes far beyond themselves. They look for corporate profit and not just profit that will benefit them alone. As much as they want victory, they want it to be shared. They work towards changing their lives so they may change that of others.

To achieve the same for yourself, Nguyen suggests, setting goals that bring more than self-gratification. Think in terms of legacy and impact. Be blessed so that you can be a blessing. Work for abundance so that you may give abundantly.

Let actions do the Talking

Highly respected people deliver on their promises all the time. They are always present and get the job done, and if need be, they’ll talk about it later. They are never late. They are less talk and more walk. The highly respected would rather show than tell and understand that eloquent speech and fancy pitches are useless without actions.

Nguyen asks, Do you have an action plan to go with your great idea?

Begin to cultivate these habits and earn the respect of the people around you today. With respect comes trust – the combination allows you to make a tremendous impact on somebody’s life.

Compiled by Portia Mthembu, web content administrator at Whoswho.co.za