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Qualification Free Jobs: Information Technology Part Three

Still uncertain if the previous IT jobs are for you? Perhaps working on YouTube or a career in web designing are just what you’re looking for.

YouTube Channel Owner

BlogIf you’re obsessed with creating videos and are realising a growth in the number of people viewing your content, perhaps now’s the time to consider creating your own YouTube channel and making money off of it. Continue reading

Is your salary what it should be?

Recently, CareerJunction released its updated salary index showing the average salaries of more than 100 jobs in 10 industries around South Africa.

Report findings indicated that a senior project manager can expect to get a salary of up to R67 234 per month, making the position the highest paid in the country. Senior structural engineers and senior IT managers are the second and third highest paying positions with salaries of up to R64 800 and R55 264, respectively. Continue reading