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Africa’s Millenials attend Tomorrow’s Leaders Convention

On March 20, hundreds of Africa’s inspirational Millenials couldn’t have chosen a better place to be than at the 7th annual Old Mutual Tomorrow’s Leaders Convention. Held at Johannesburg’s Emperor’s Palace, the Tomorrow’s Leaders Convention ensured that these future leaders left with an even greater drive to shake organisational norms and achieve more success.

Once again Who’s Who SA had the privilege of attending the event.

TLC 2015 stand

Among the impressive list of speakers was Maggs on Media TV host, Jeremy Maggs who was the Master of Ceremonies, Managing Director of Old Mutual Mass Foundation Cluster, Bongani Madikiza and Tumelo Mothtoane, SABC 1’s news anchor.

Sharing some riveting stories and stirring up some serious leadership spark was the DJ Sbu‘s Leadership 2020 team. Jackie Phamotse, Chief Executive Officer of Brand Fanatics and Mofaya Beverages Distributor encouraged the future leaders to have no boundaries and to do anything in their power to achieve what they feel needs to be done.

Leadership 2020 teamSpeaking about Shattered Innocence, her urban lifestyle book, Phamotse said, “I wrote this book to ensure that whatever challenges we have, whether social problems or an educational scares, we deal with those issues. If you do not understand where you’re going, you’re not going to be a leader,” she asserted.

Famous faces panel

Sitting among the famous faces panel discussion,  president of the South African Football Association (SAFA), Danny Jordaan advised the young leaders to create opportunities not only for themselves, but also for society. Younger South African entertainment personalities, including Pearl Thusi, Maps Maponyane and Jimmy Nevis, also shared some wise words of wisdom from their professional experiences, encouraging the attendees to grab the opportunities presented to them.

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3 secrets to effectively communicate your brand

By now you probably know the importance of building and maintaining your personal brand. But once you’ve dedicated your time to perfecting your brand, how can you share it in the most effective way? What are some of the best practices you can implement to get the results you want?

Below we’ve collated 3 things you can start doing immediately:

3 Secrets to effectively communicating your brandUse your Who’s Who SA profile

For years now, Who’s Who SA has assisted thousands of professionals to grow their professional brand. As a registered and active Who’s Who user, you can build an extensive network of associates, beneficial for your online reputation. Moreover, you’ll be able to promote your professional experience.

Based on the information contained on your professional profile, our ranking system will track your progress, enabling you to earn various noteworthy badges that will distinguish you from the rest and stand you in good stead of recognition from some of the region’s top recruiters.

Share your brand in your email

For many professionals, email is just another form of communication. But beyond the message, your name and professional email address, every message you send has the potential to be reshared and reinforce your brand.

If you send dozens of emails daily, you should use your email signature as an opportunity to share and deliver your brand. Consider adding a short, language appropriate tagline to your signature. This will help your recipients to get a simple and subtle reminder of who you are. Also think about using your voicemail to reinforce your brand. By adding a short message reminding your callers about what your business is about, you’ll instantly reinforce your brand.

Mention your brand in conversation

Although you may use your Who’s Who profile occasionally, to reinforce your brand you’re going to have to talk regularly about your it. Depending on your audience, you’re also going to have to become more intentional with your choice of words. In one instance you may be conversing with a technical expert, in which case your word choice will differ than when you’re in dialogue with someone that has no idea about the technical field. In either case it’ll depend on the audience, the circumstance and the message you want to convey.

To effectively mention your brand you’ll need to practice talking about it out loud. Keep in mind that the more you share your brand the more gracefully you’ll deliver it. Also try and observe how your audience reacts. By picking up emotions such as, boredom, confusion and engagement, you’ll be able to tell if you’re on the right track or not.

Follow our simple registration process to start enhancing your professional brand.

5 Tips for building your business’ website

If by now your business isn’t online, you run the risk of going out of business.  Customers and investors are searching for businesses such as yours on the internet. Therefore, having an online presence  makes it easier for them to find you, which is vital for the success of your business.

Below we share a few tips to get you started on your online venture:

Building your business' online presenceGet a domain name

Websites such as YolaWordPress and Wix allow you to use their services and create a basic website for free. But numerous services, including GoDaddy and Namecheap enable you to purchase your own domain name which is beneficial in that:

  • You can take your traffic wherever you go
  • If the platform suddenly closes, you don’t lose your address and traffic

List your business on local search engines

Local search engines list your business enabling people to find information about your business and leave comments.

Therefore, to stay up-to-date and improve the information available about you, it is vital that you own your company listings. In addition, owning your company listings allows you to interact with your customers, ensuring that you respond to any bad reviews and thank those giving good reviews.

Claiming your Who’s Who company page will allow you to enhance your company profile by adding a description, logo and marketing image and contact details.

Start a blog

Customers want more than just information about your product offering, and a blog gives you the perfect opportunity to create relevant content for them. Giving your personal opinion about topics of interest will help to establish you as an expert in your field, and make your customers appreciate you even more. Plus, they may share your expertise to new potential customers – a direct benefit to your business.

Have a social presence

We all know that social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and Google+ all have a huge audience following. These audiences may be seeking businesses such as yours or may offer benefits that will help you rank higher in web search results. Also, if relevant to your business consider Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr.

You will be doing your business a disservice by  ignoring social media, as it is such a powerful and growing channel.

Learn about SEO

SEO is an essential marketing tool for any business. It plays a pivotal role in increasing the visibility of your website. Once you understand how you can boost the ranking and frequency of which your business appears in search results, you will be able to bring business and customers to your site. Google offers some basic guidelines to get you started.

While it is important to ensure your business is visible online, it is just as vital to make sure that your personal online presence is presentable too.