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Listen to your heart: 4 love songs that’ll make you reconsider an office romance

Despite office romances commonly being taboo, what happens when temptation comes knocking on your desk? It’s hard to ignore a co-worker who meets your criteria of the perfect partner.

Before deciding to approach your potential paramour, consider these love songs as warnings:


In the arms of an angel – Nicholas McDonald

That warm fuzzy feeling you experience during a relationship, especially in the beginning stages, is likely to interfere with your better judgment. Even as the relationship progresses, your inability to perceive your partner’s flaws can have a negative effect on your professional relationship. Not only will it be hard to see any problems with your partner’s performance, but as a boss it also won’t be easy to give constructive criticism.

Love is a Battlefield – Pat Benatar

Because you and your partner are always in contact, no matter how well the relationship is going, chances are there’ll be friction. It’s not such a bad thing when you and your partner work in different places, but if you work in the same office,  taking your problems to your workplace is going to be horribly uncomfortable (for your colleagues too).

Prisoner of Love – Perry Como

Sometimes in a relationship things can become so unpleasant that one partner’s feelings toward the other may change. Ending the relationship may be the only option. But because you may be afraid of damaging your working relationship, and want to avoid any uncomfortable situations, the relationship may go on longer than you want it to.

End of the Road – Boyz II Men

Even if you and your partner end the relationship in the best way possible, seeing your ex every single day can be taxing. The end of an office affair could mean you have to look for a new job if things get uncomfortable.

Sometimes a workplace romance cannot be avoided. If your attraction to a coworker are so strong that you can’t ignore them, and the feeling is mutual don’t put your relationship on display. Talk to your partner and ensure that you set some ground rules for behaviour in the workplace.

 Are you willing to put your reputation and career on the line to explore an office romance? Tell us about your experience in the comments below!

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