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Leadership 2020 Seminars – 2013

The Leadership 2020 Seminars take the vision of empowering the youth to a whole new level. The event is designed to empower, motivate, influence and change young lives through incubating the youth of South Africa into a positive frame of thinking as well as arming the youth of South Africa with the relevant tools, tips and strategies to become successful and prosper.

Sbusiso Leope, popularly known as DJ Sbu, shares his vision for Leadership 2020 regarding youth leadership with his team of passionate young entrepreneurs. By 2020 it is their dream to have impacted at least 10 million lives, in the hope that 1 life will impact 100 lives as they become leaders and furthermore develop new attitudes and a stronger young population.

The Leadership 2020 team aims to instill a culture of empowerment, leadership and success in all those that attend the seminars. The seminar’s main focus will be motivational; however they will also encourage meaningful conversations with others which in time will help change mindsets, attitudes and behaviours towards work & life in general.

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SA Hip Hop Awards – You could be a winner too!



The South African HIP HOP Awards (SAHHA) are an annual Hip-hop award ceremony, run by the Ritual Media Group (RMG).  Now in its second year, the award ceremony will be held on 20 November, at the Alexander Theatre in Braamfontein, Johannesburg. Contenders are judged on performances and achievements made between November the previous year and August the following year. The ceremony features live performances by some of the nominees.

Who’s Who supports this exciting initiative, and as such we’re delighted to be able to offer our members two sets of tickets to this exclusive event.

To qualify, email us the link to your Who’s Who profile and tell us who you think should win the Best Male category and the Best Female category. It’s that easy!

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Winners will be announced on 11 November.


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Series of Firsts: Judge Leonora van den Heever

leonora_van_den_heeverBorn in the capital city of Namibia in 1926, South Africa’s first female judge grew up in Bloemfontein. She is the only daughter of former Justice-President Francois ‘Toon’ Van Der Heever.

Now 87 , Leonora van den Heever graduated with a Masters degree in English before pursuing her interest in Law. She studied at the University of Pretoria and after graduation worked at the Normaalkollege (now known as The Bloemfontein Teachers’ Training College). The degree that directly relates to her claim to fame was actually only completed while she was employed in a completely different industry, and on a part time basis through the University of the Orange Free State.

Determination, sacrifices and perseverance resulted in her successful admission to the Orange Free State Bar as an advocate – at the younthful age of 26.

Leonora van den Heever continued to express her love for the written word by authoring two published children’s books and also contributing short stories under a nom de plume for Sarie Magazine.

In 1991, she officially became the first female Judge in South Africa, eventually retiring at the age of 70. On day one at her new office building, she realised that the courts did not have bathroom facilities for female judges. Without another choice, she had to slip into the men’s room – to great consternation of her male colleagues.

She is the first, and was for twenty years, the only woman to have been appointed a Judge of the Supreme Court in South Africa. In addition to this milestone, she was also the first female judge appointed to the Appeal Court in Bloemfontein. There is a photograph of her in a museum in Kimberley, where she previously served as senior advocate, in the section commemorating SA’s firsts.

Upon reminiscing about those days, the retired judge claims that she always regarded herself as “a bit of a freak” – no doubt due to the fact that she had little in common with her peers. Thanks to her unique example, November 2010 saw a total of 49 women form part of the 216 permanent South African Supreme Court judges. Frank Zappa’s quote rings true for this local trailblazer:

Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible.

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