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How to Get the Best Ideas Out of Your Team

There comes a time in every creative’s life when creative juices are stagnant and it feels like those put on the table by colleagues are the same old ones that produce no results.Getting the best ideas from your team

When this is the case, it is time to switch things up. Start off by establishing what the root of the problem is:  it could be a result of boredom, lack of motivation, a stressful work environment, or a number of other issues. Once you’ve understood where the problem lies, look at the methods your team used to innovate in the past, and resurrect the dynamic or environment that brought about an idea. Sometimes what matters is not finding the perfect idea, but what you do with the idea.

We’ve collected 3 ways you can save your colleagues from creativity drought:

1. Narrow the Team’s Focus

Pressurizing your team to think of a concept that will shake up the industry and save your company from financial doom will only worsen creativity. However, when your focus it narrowed, the chances of innovative success are greater . Therefore, attempt to clearly define the task at hand so that your team is clear on what it needs to accomplish.

2. Change Your Worldview

Our personal preferences play a major role in our worldviews. But when under pressure, it is important to expose your team to different ideas, habits, methods, and processes. Afterall, great ideas are born out of people engrossed in various worlds. A good idea is to take your team to a different department and ask them to contribute ideas. That way they will get the chance to interact with people who think differently. “The magic happens when different skills and mindsets collide.”

3. Don’t Make Success a Remote Possibility

Use your company’s own success stories to motivate your team. If you refer to larger-than-life entrepreneurs like Richard Branson, you’re already tampering with your team’s success. Emphasize things that your peers have achieved as they are more tangible.

Read on to find out how to take initiative in the workplace.

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