Spring clean your career

September 1, 2014 by Portia Mthembu 

It’s amazing how the regenerative powers of sunshine, warm weather and time can almost instantaneously brighten up your mood, and restore your body and soul. You find yourself very eager to clean out the clutter, freshen up your living space and take better care of your health.

Spring clean your careerBut have you considered that it may be time to clean-up your career too? Whether you’re in need of a new job or are willing to jump ship if the right opportunity arises, perhaps it’s time to use this season to make yourself a better job candidate.

Assess your career

A good place to start is to assess where you are professionally. Do you enjoy going to work every day? Are you stimulated by what you’re doing? Are you earning enough to live the life you want and save enough for the future? Are you pursuing your professional dreams?

Talk to experts in your current industry or industry of interest to find out how you can get on a learning curve and spend some time acquiring the skills you need. Also attempt to take on added responsibilities that will challenge you. You might find that by learning new skills, you may discover new things that excite you and get ideas about what you want to do next.

Update your CV

Use strong active verbs to replace old redundant words. Wherever possible, use numbers to demonstrate your skills and include keywords related to your field. Also make sure that your CV is free of any grammatical and spelling errors.

Update your Who’s Who profile

Include all your previous positions relevant to the job you’re applying for and make sure that your current position is updated. Add links to companies that showcase your work and build your professional portfolio. In the process you’ll earn badges that will get you noticed by prospective employers.

Clean-up your online reputation

Set your Facebook settings so that prospective employees don’t see your updates and photos, or ensure that you post information that presents you in a positive and professional light.


The best time to network is when you aren’t actively seeking new employment. Meet new people inside and outside your organization. Join a new class – whether for professional reasons or for personal satisfaction.

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South African Powerhouse Women by the ages

, , , August 29, 2014 by Portia Mthembu 


lynette_ntuliFounding Director and Chief Executive Officer of Innate Investment Solutions, Lynette Ntuli is making waves in the property development sector and the business world, as a whole. The 31 year old has made it her life’s mission to empower people and build businesses through her diligence and innovation – making her our South African powerhouse woman.

The commerce graduate from Durban made a name for herself when at just 24 years old, she became the first black female to head the ‘super-regional’ Pavilion Shopping Centre in Westville, Durban. From then onwards there was no stopping Ntuli.

Already equipped with experience from leading companies including Deloitte, Motseng Marriot Corporate Property, Motseng Property Services and more, Ntuli founded Innate Investment Solutions, a property, asset and infrastructure development and solutions firm.

With a passion for youth development, entrepreneurship and leadership, Ntuli also founded and is Chairman of IgniteSA.com – “a digital media platform that aims to mobilise young people and established leadership within South Africa towards active citizenry through education, employment and entrepreneurial activity.”

An internationally recognized speaker, Ntuli has made appearances in numerous business and socio-economic forums and holds a number of awards and accolades.

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South African Powerhouse Women by the ages

, , , August 28, 2014 by Portia Mthembu 


Basetsana-KumaloFor many, the name Basestana Kumalo, echoes the beauty queen of the nineties who was crowned Miss South Africa and was runner-up to Miss World in 1994. However, nowadays Kumalo, affectionately known as Bassie, is known as an astute businesswoman with investments in several companies and our 4th South African powerhouse woman.

Kumalo’s involvement in business began during her reign as Miss South Africa when at 20 years old she met with producer Patience Stevens with whom she established Tswelopele Productions. With some persuasion with the SABC, Tswelophele independently produced Top Billing, the longest running South African lifestyle TV show.

Tswelophele then merged with Union Alliance Media and was listed on the JSE, making Kumalo one of the youngest women directors in the mainstream South African economy. Tswelophele now produces a host of South African TV shows and is recognized as one of the top 300 empowerment companies in South Africa.

Besides a cosmetics, eyewear and clothing range, all under her name, Kumalo sits on the board of a number of companies, including LoveLife and the Nelson Mandela Institute for Education and Rural Development. Kumalo along with her husband, businessman, Romeo Kumalo, also founded the Romeo & Basetsana Kumalo Family Foundation, which helps with the development of orphaned children.

She has received countless nominations and awards, in recognition of her business initiatives and community service.

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