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#AskMmusi trends on Twitter


Upon Mmusi Maimane’s election as the leader of the Democratic Alliance, Maimane immediately opened up communication lines  via Twitter. Dubbed the “Twitter Town Hall with Mmusi Maimane”, the social media event sparked much interest as #AskMmusi soon trended in South Africa. On closing his question and answer session Maimane said he’d enjoyed interacting with the public on the popular social network.

We too, took to our Notables platform to ask Mmusi more about his career and passion for politics. Here’s what he had to say.

Marikana miners strike

Marikana  miners, their families and labour union Amcu have promised to approach courts in order to force President Jacob Zuma to release the Marikana report. The parties involved in the 2012 shootings had written to Zuma requesting that by 14:00 on Sunday, the president announce when he’d release the report. With no word from the President Zuma, Andries Mkome, the lawyer representing all the parties involved, said they had no choice but to approach the court.

The application is expected to be made in the Johannesburg High Court.

Danny Jordaan elected as new NMB mayor

SAFA President Danny Jordaan was elected as the new Executive Mayor of Nelson Mandela Bay. The announcement was made by ANC general-secretary Gwede Mantashe at a media briefing on Monday, 18 May. Jordaan filled in the position of former Mayor Ben Fihle, who along with Deputy Mayor Chippa Ngcolomba and Chief Whip Joy Searle were fired. The new Deputy Mayor is Bicks Ndoni and Litho Suka is the new Chief Whip.

Sports News

Portia Modise retires from soccer

Portia modise

Banyana Banyana striker, Portia Modise announced her retirement from professional soccer on 19 May. Modise said she was calling it quits after pulling up a hamstring injury ahead of her soccer team’s Rio Olympics qualifying match against Gabon in Libreville. Modise is said to embark on  a new career in coaching.

Khune and Mashamaite to leave chiefs – reports

Kaizer Chiefs has reportedly announced that Itumeleng Khune and Tefu Mashamaite will no longer form part of the soccer club. This announcement follows after the players are said to have demanded seemingly exorbitant salary increases. Khune who was earning R3.9 million per season is believed to have asked for R8.4 million to remain at Naturena.

Entertainment News

Pharrell Williams scheduled to perform in SA

Big Concerts in association with Woolworths, has announced that Pharrell Williams will be performing in Cape Town and Johannesburg in September 2015. The Grammy Award winning producer and performer  has been collaborating with Woolworths on the “AreYouWithUs?” campaign since April 2015.

Visit Channel24 for more information on the tour.

Trevor Noah casts doubt on his cousin’s murder

Comedian Trevor Noah has cast doubt on his cousin’s Cebisile Khoza’s murder. On Sunday, it was reported that Noah’s cousin’s body had been badly burnt and was discovered in a sugar cane plantation near Wasbank, KwaZulu Natal. However, Noah denied these claims and posted the following on his Twitter account:


The Who’s Who of tomorrow demonstrate that success starts today

You don’t need to wait for the day you land your first job to start working your way to the top. You also don’t need to be a genius to be successful. By setting goals for yourself and working hard to achieve them, you too can achieve success – just as these 11 South African students have demonstrated.

They form part of 1 700 students from around the world were awarded the opportunity to showcase their independent research and compete for approximately $4 million in prizes. These South African students chose to tackle issues of energy and food security currently faced in South Africa.

Meet the Who’s Whos of tomorrow, and their innovations:

An innovative alerting mechanism for mobility-assistive devices

Nishka-Ramkhelawan-from-Ladysmith-High-SchoolNishka Ramkhelawan, 16, from Ladysmith High School designed and built a portable and user-friendly alarm targeted at the elderly and physically disabled individuals. When a user falls or is in distress, the device sounds a siren, alerting the individual’s caretaker or people around him/her.

An easy way to measure a Sidereal day

Iselle-Van-Den-Heever-from-Jim-Fousche-High-SchoolIselle Van Den Heever, 16, from Jim Fousché High School developed an apparatus that measures the time it takes for a star to reach the same position in the sky from one night to the next – also known as a sidereal day.

Utilising organic chemical dyes to produce dye-sensitised solar cells

Tyrique-Byroo-from-Star-College-Boys-HighTyrique Byroo, 15, from Star College Boys High discovered that a dye-sensitised solar cell that uses blackberry dye generates the highest millivolt of current. He also found that this solar cell can be manufactured for less than half the cost of a standard solar panel.

Generating electricity from mud

Siyabonga-Nkosi-from-Kiriyatswane-High-SchoolUsing loamy mud, 18 year old Siyabonga Nkosi from Kiriyatswane High School, built a basic fuel cell. He found that microbes contained in the mud consume organic matter which produces electrodes. These electrodes can be collected through copper and zinc terminals. This solution will be highly effective in rural areas where loamy soil is in abundance.

Investigation of Platinum substitutes as an effective catalyst for Hydrogen fuel cells

Roland-Dubb-from-Herzlia-High-SchoolIn an aim to make fuel cells cheaper, Roland Dubb, 16, from Herzlia High School compared costly platinum to copper and palladium as catalysts. He discovered that by using palladium as an anode together with platinum as a cathode, a similar output voltage can be produced at a lower cost.

A portable sun tracking solar power kit

Fritz-Keyzer-and-Josiah-Senior-from-Pinelands-Boys-High-SchoolPinelands High School’s Fritz Keyzer and Josiah Senior, both 17, developed a portable power source to be used in developing communities, the military and for camping.

By following the sun, the power source collects energy through solar panels. This improves their efficiency by 45% compared to immobile solar panels.

Generating electricity with magnetised bacteria

Bernard-Smit-from-Hoerskool-WaterkloofBernard Smit, 18, from Hoerskool Waterkloof developed a method that generates eco-friendly and sustainable energy with Magnetotactic bacteria. By making use of Faraday’s Law of electromagnetic induction, the magnetised bacteria are moved through an induction tube to generate electricity.

Optimising energy consumption from your tablet

Armand-Duvenage-from-Hoerskool-GarsfonteinArmand Duvenage, 17, from Hoerskool Garsfontein, created a mobile energy management system that allows the monitoring of energy usage in a home or small business. This system is able to monitor the voltage, frequency and current consumption of each circuit that is linked to it.

Using worm tea as a substitute for artificial fertilisers

Avuyile-Mbangatha-from-Stirling-High-SchoolAs a way to increase food security and reduce poverty, Avuyile Mbangatha, 17, from Stirling High School applied worm tea to crops in developing communities.

Made from worm castings, the worm tea triggers the growth of plants, while also providing an environmentally-friendly alternative to artificial fertilisers.

High protein Fynbos nuts – a New Superfood

Anna-Midgley-from-Herschel-Girls-High-SchoolAnna Midgley, 16, from Herschel Girl’s high school has identified  the environmentally-friendly fynbos plants as an alternative to the typical starchy diets present in rural areas. These plants are high in protein and have the potential to be a crop that will grow in low-nutrient soil and at a cheaper cost.


How successful people spend their lunch break

Did you know that staying glued to your computer screen for hours on end hampers your job performance? Although your first reaction may be to put a hold on lunch to prepare for the next meeting and get through piles of emails, breaking away from your desk can increase your productivity.

Don’t believe us? Take a word out of some of the most successful people in the world.

Businesspeople having a lunch break.
Head out to lunch with others – Richard Branson

Whether it’s a lunch break with your colleagues at your office’s cafeteria or a catch up with an old friend at a new coffee shop, taking time out to do lunch with people can be very beneficial for your career. You’ll get time to bond with people you see day in and day out and may even get some insight into what they do.

Take Virgin Group billionaire, Richard Branson. He once used his lunch break to take out a competitor, allowing him to become friends with one of his biggest rivals. So if there’s a colleague you’d like to get to know better, don’t hesitate to invite him out for lunch. You never know what might come out of it.

Make time to exercise – Evan Williams

For Twitter co-founder Evan Williams, getting a workout during his least productive time of the day, ups his productivity levels. That time for Evan, and for many other people is during lunch.

If you find that you don’t have enough time to head to the gym, take some time out to go for a 20 minute walk or even do several desk stretches. You’ll be left feeling refreshed.

Take a nap – Arianna Huffington

Arianna Huffington, co-founder and editor-in-chief of the Huffington Post has always been known for supporting getting enough sleep when needed – and not just after a long day at work.

So why not use your lunch hour to get a quick nap at work? Whether this means napping in your car or laying your head down at your office’s lunch room, a 20 minute nap can do wonders for your efficiency.

On your way to the top it’s always important to take some time out to recuperate. And if the most successful individuals out there can do so, what’s stopping you?