The most successful people in the world are actually failures

Some of the worlds most successful people were rejected, deemed not good enough, and experienced colossal failures in their lives. By looking at this list, you’ll hopefully realise that you’re probably well on your way to being an icon too.

From entrepreneurs, to scientists to famous celebs, these 14 people are now considered as the leaders and legends of their industry:

The Celebs

A local newspaper once fired Walt Disney. His editor at the time thought he ‘lacked imagination and had no good ideas!

Yes, we’re telling you that the founder of the empire that built Mickey Mouse, The Lion King, and Disney World was told he wasn’t creative.

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Business funding for South African entrepreneurs

Are you a budding entrepreneur wondering where you get capital to fund your business? Or is your business already existing and in need of capital injection? There are a great deal of institutions offering funding for entrepreneurs.

If you’re uncertain on which doors to knock on, why not start with these?

1. Business Partners Limited

Business Partners invests between R250 000 and R15 million in SMEs across all sectors, with the exception of farming, on-lending and non-profit organisations.

Investment financing is offered for businesses at all stages of development, including start-ups, expansions, outright purchases, management buy-outs, management buy-ins, franchises, tenders and contracts. The company also manages a number of specialist funds, which provide investment financing for defined-profile entrepreneurs.

Business Partners also has a range of support services for the entrepreneur. This includes property management consultants, mentors who are allocated according to the company’s needs and access to other expertise need to ensure the success of a business.

2. Commercial Banks

The commercial banks; ABSA, FNB, Nedbank and Standard Bank have specialist SME divisions, providing finance for qualifying entrepreneurs. Visit the banks’ websites to find out about their products and services, and their criteria to obtain finance.

3. Khula Enterprise Finance

Khula Department Finance Ltd is an agency of the Department of Trade and Industry established to facilitate access to finance for SMMEs. Khula provides assistance through various delivery channels, including commercial banks, retail financial intermediaries and micro credit outlets (MCOs).

Funds in partnership with Khula include:

  • Small Business Growth Trust Fund

This non-sector specific fund provides loans between R10 000 and R3million per portfolio entity with a repayment period not exceeding 5 years.

  • Izibulo SME Fund

The Izibulo SME Fund provides early-stage funding to SMEs and necessary infrastructural support and resources.

  • Identity Development Fund (IDF)

IDF is also a non-sector specific fund that aims to create  long-term growth from profitable portfolio investments in SMEs. It provides both debt and or equity funding (50%/50%). Repayment periods range between 3-5 years for start-up/early stage companies of R250 000 to R3million, emerging /MBO and expansion of R3million to R7.5million and R7.5million to R30million for community projects.

For more business-related advice, visit our Entrepreneurship page.

5 bad reasons to quit your job

5 Bad reasons to quit your job

A couple of bad days are inevitable and sometimes even necessary in any professionals career. However, if in your frustration you’re adamant that it’s time to quit, here are a few bad reasons to quit your job.

You’re feeling overworked

On top of the deadline you have to meet, you’ve also got a pile of documents you must sit through. Not forgetting the in between meetings you must prepare for.  A huge workload can often leave you feeling overwhelmed which can quickly lead to stress and job dissatisfaction.

Take into consideration whether overtime the workload will become more manageable. If you find it’s not the case, talk to your manager about changing your deadlines and adjusting your workload.

You’re having a bad day

Bad days are part and parcel of any job. Even an innocent waking-up-on-the-wrong-side-of-the-bed can turn into a dreadful day. Bad days can even stretch into bad weeks or month.

But when the only reason you’re considering a career is because you’re feeling frumpy, think about all the other good days you’ve had. Also consider whether the things that made them enjoyable are still there.

 You’re bored

You may feel like your full potential in your current role isn’t  being tapped into and that your work has become redundant and tedious. But is this reason enough to look for a new job?

If there’s still room for growth in your company, talk to your manager about taking on new responsibilities. You can also search for ways to be promoted or sign up for extra training.

You dislike your colleagues

Slackers, oversharers, complainers – the list is endless. And because over your lifetime you’ll spend approximately 90 000 hours at work , you’re bound to work with annoying colleagues who’ll rub you off the wrong way.

You’re envious

Your friends go on about how much they love their jobs or that they’ve received a pay rise. But do they tell you about the downside: late nights, early mornings, increased workload or the added stress?

Every workplace has its ups and downs – the reason why you can’t compare your job to the people around you. Next time you consider leaving your job, make sure it’s not to keep up with your peers.