South Africa: Second most stressed country in the world

A new study conducted by Bloomberg has revealed South Africa is the second most stressed out country in the world. The online publication ranked 74 countries based on the stressfulness of their living environments.

While Norway and Luxenburg scored the lowest at 5.4 and 7.1 points respectively, revealing life as easiest in these countries, South Africa scored a massive 70.0 points. Leading the pack was Nigeria with 70.1 points,  illustrating life as toughest in the West African country.

Seven equally weighted variables were considered to make up each of the countries’ total scores. Each variable was given an average final score between 0 – 100. The higher the score, the more stressful the living environment was.

Estimates were based on the information from the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, International Monetary Fund, Central Intelligence Agency World Factbook, Transparency International and World Health Organization.

Each country was allocated points for each of the variables based on its relative position in the specified category’s rankings. The country that scored the least stressful measure was given 0 points, while the country with the highest stress level scored 100.

What the results reveal about South Africa:

  • Annual homicide rate is 31.8 per 100 000 citizens
  • GDP per capita is $7 257, while income inequality is 63.1
  • Corruption scored 43
  • The unemployment rate was sixth highest at 25.7
  • Life expectancy measured at 58
  • Urban air pollution measured in micrograms per cubic metre, was 51.6

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Packaging yourself for the future

Packaging yourself for teh future

Sometimes success is easier to spot in others than to achieve for ourselves. But without realising it, by adopting small habits that lead to small gains, you can make it to the top.

Want to know how? Look no further. We’ve summed up four habits you can start doing today:

Develop your brand

The growth of social media has immensely contributed to the need to constantly manage your online reputation. Whether you’re jobhunting, are a first-time job-seeker or you’re just in search of career growth, it’s important that you think, act and plan like a business leader.

Before employers contact you for a job interview, they will do an online search for your name. Chances are, your current employer is clued up about your online activities too. When you interact with people, whether online or offline, it automatically causes them to build an image of who you are and what you’re about.  Why leave your professional reputation to chance when you can be your own PR guru?

Be a great communicator

Communication is easy; it’s something that you do daily. But effective communication is another thing. It is an essential part of your professional life and success. If you want to be a thought leader in your industry, it is essential to be a great communicator. When you learn to communicate effectively, you’ll be better equipped to understand people, build trust and respect, and establish avenues that’ll lead to an improved personal brand.

Look and act confident

Building a strong first impression is important when it comes to creating your personal brand. And one of the most important things you can do to create an everlasting first impression is to project confidence.

When you bring out confidence from within yourself, you present yourself to everyone else in a very authentic manner. When you are honest with yourself and those around you, only then will you build trust for your personal brand.

Write down your life goals

Goal setting is a vital exercise used by many top-level athletes, business-people and achievers in all fields. So why not use it for your personal development?

By regularly setting goals for yourself you decide what you want to achieve and how you want to get there. Thereafter, with a precise knowledge of what you have to concentrate on to achieve your goals, you can take steps that lead you to success.

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Top News Stories for March

Current Affairs

 Eskom losing maintenance battle

In the latest reports concerning the country’s energy crisis, it’s believed Eskom is losing its battle to do essential maintenance at the power plants. The power utility is caught up in a spiral of unplanned maintenance which is impacting on its ability to do essential preventative maintenance.

According to the status reports released by Eskom, more generating units have to be switched off due to breakdowns. However, instead of doing more planned maintenance to prevent breakdowns, Eskom is doing less.


Although there were no power outages planned on Monday, Spokesperson Khulu Phasiwe said if the power utility lost any of its generators, it would be forced to roll out blackouts.

Cape Town discloses Sanral’s e-tolling secrets

Since launching a review  application regarding the secret application of the South African National Roads Agency, the City of Cape Town can for the first time reveal the awarding of an e-tolling tender to the road agency. On Monday the Supreme Court of Appeal ruled in favour of the city by setting aside an order made by the Western Cape High Court on August 28 2014. Mayoral committee member for transport Brett Herron said the granting of the tender for the N1 and N2 Toll Highway Project to the Protea Parkways Consortium (PPC) will affect residents of the Western Cape and visitors to the region.

In it’s response, the city was concerned that the project will not benefit road users because the toll revenue will exceed road user benefits. A review application will be heard in the Western Cape High Court on August 11 2015.

UCT Cecil John Rhodes statue boarded


On Sunday the statue of Cecil John Rhodes standing on the main steps of the University of Cape Town was boarded. Following weeks of protest by UCT students requesting the removal of the statue, the university’s senate voted in favour of removing it.

UCT said the senate had voted ““overwhelmingly in favour of recommending to [the university’s] council that the statue of Cecil Rhodes be moved when council holds its special sitting on Wednesday, 8 April 2015”. The senate also suggested that the statue remain boarded up until a final decision was made.

Minister Collins Chabane

In the fatal car accident that caused the death of Minister of Public Service and Administration Collins Chabane and two of his VIP protectors, it is believed a deadly concoction of alcohol and speed led to the crash. It was reported that the driver of the white VW Touareg was travelling at a speed of up to 200km/h when the vehicle collided with a truck making a U-turn over the N1 highway in Limpopo.

On March 17, the truck driver involved in the minister’s death was charged with three counts of culpable homicide as well as driving under the influence of alcohol.

Sports News

AB de Villiers reachs 900-point mark

Following the completion of the Cricket World Cup between Australia and New Zealand, South African ODI captain, AB de Villiers has reached a new rankings milestone. According to Sport24, De Villiers has become the 11th batsman overall, and the second South African after Hashim Amla, to break the 900-point mark. In terms of rankings this means De Villiers is a truly great player.


Trevor Noah to host Comedy Central

On Monday Comedy Central officially announced Trevor Noah as the new host of The Daily Show. This came after news leaked on Saturday that Noah was the frontrunner to replace the show’s Jon Stewart who’s said to retire in September.

Of the news Noah tweeted:


Comedy Central says the debut date of The Daily Show with Trevor Noah is not yet certain.

Liesel Laurie crowned as Miss South Africa 2015

In a live broadcast held at the Sun City Superbowl, 23 year old B.Com graduate Liesl Laurie was crowned Miss South Africa 2015.  Refilwe Mthimunye from Bronkhorstspruit and Ntsiki Mkhize from Kliprivier, Midvaal were respectively crowned 1st and 2nd Princess. In her acceptance speech Liesl said she was determined to make a difference during her reign.


For the first time ever the event was attended by a gathering of the biggest number of former Miss South Africa title holders, including Miss World’s Rolene Strauss, Anneline Kriel and Penny Coelen Ray and one of the country’s early Miss South Africa’s, Adele Kruger who took the crown in 1957.