Creating the correct online personality

It is becoming more and more evident that putting effort and time into developing your online personal brand is well worth the time spent. Your online profile is no longer just useful for making yourself available for new career opportunities, but is increasingly also about adding credibility to your name and enhancing the reputation of your business – or any company you’re associated with.

Online identity management

Social media profiles are a driving force in this phenomenon. Since its advent, social media has made it easy for people to market their personalities online, and companies are buying in. Put two guys with extremely different personalities in the same room. One is likeable and exudes confidence but knows nothing of the job, whilst the other guy knows everything, but is egotistical and difficult to get on with.

Which of the two do you think stands a greater chance of being employed?

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Top News Stories for November

This month we introduce South Africa’s Top News Stories of the Month feature in which we’ll gather a selection of news stories that made headlines and got social networks buzzing. November 2014 was the month when Cell C, Shrien Dewani, Oscar Pistorius, Eskom, the Post Office, our sports teams and the 2.0 Unite4Mandela race got the entire nation talking. Continue reading