3 Secrets to effectively communicate your brand

By now you probably know the importance of building and maintaining your personal brand. But once you’ve dedicated your time to perfecting your brand, how can you share it in the most effective way? What are some of the best practices you can implement to get the results you want?

Below we’ve collated 3 things you can start doing immediately:

3 Secrets to effectively communicating your brandUse your Who’s Who SA profile

For years now, Who’s Who SA has assisted thousands of professionals to grow their professional brand. As a registered and active Who’s Who user, you can build an extensive network of associates, beneficial for your online reputation. Moreover, you’ll be able to promote your professional experience.

Based on the information contained on your professional profile, our ranking system will track your progress, enabling you to earn various noteworthy badges that will distinguish you from the rest and stand you in good stead of recognition from some of the region’s top recruiters.

Share your brand in your email

For many, email is just another form of communication. But beyond the message, your name and professional email address, every message you send has the potential to be reshared and reinforce your brand.

If you send dozens of emails daily, you should use your email signature as an opportunity to share and deliver your brand. Consider adding a short, language appropriate tagline to your signature. This will help your recipients to get a simple and subtle reminder of who you are. Also think about using your voicemail to reinforce your brand. By adding a short message reminding your callers about what your business is about, you’ll instantly reinforce your brand.

Mention your brand in conversation

Although you can use Who’s Who and your email on a once-off basis to reinforce, you’re going to have to talk regularly about your brand. Depending on your audience, you’re also going to have to become more intentional with your choice of words. In one instance you may be conversing with a technical expert, in which case your word choice will differ than when you’re in dialogue with someone that has no idea about the technical field. In either case it’ll depend on the audience, the circumstance and the message you want to convey.

To effectively mention your brand you’ll need to practice talking about it out loud. Keep in mind: the more you share your brand the more gracefully you’ll deliver it.

Also try and observe how your audience reacts. By picking up emotions such as, boredom, confusion and engagement, you’ll be able to tell if you’re on the right track or not.

Follow our simple registration process to start enhancing your professional brand.

Mars beckons for South African candidates

Exhilaration and anticipation is what comes to the fore in our interviews with three of the South Africans who have been shortlisted to take a one way trip to Mars in 2024. For Divashen GovenderKobus Vermeulen and Adriana Marais’ families and friends however, the reality of never seeing their loved ones again triggers mixed emotions.

The potential Martians tell us more about the first manned mission to the Red Planet.

Mars One project

“[While] the reaction among the rest of my family was mixed, my mom’s initial reaction was to get slightly angry and think I’m crazy,” Kobus tells us. “As the years have progressed, most have come around and accept the idea. Many people I know think it’s a great project and would at the very least want a holiday on Mars.”

For Adriana’s parents, the news came as probably the worst shock their daughter could have ever told them, she tells East Coast Radio. “They were silent at first, but now that they’re realizing it’s something in reality and not just in my head, my father is researching and reading up a lot of books and articles on Mars. My mum is incredibly supportive – both are. Although they’re slightly devastated on the one hand if it all goes through.

“But I’ve never been more ready for such a project,” she says in anticipation. “From the time I first heard about the programme, I knew it was exactly the kind of thing I want to do at this time in my life. We’re very lucky to live at a time where we can learn about a variety of things, and develop technologies that can literally travel out into space.”

Adriana helmet
Adriana Marais

For Divashen, exploring the wonders that lie beyond the Earth has always been an interest. “To set foot on another planet and pave the way for mankind’s journey into a true space age would be so surreal,” he tells Mars One. His mission on Mars, Divashen believes, will be to contribute towards preserving the Earth and its species.

Among many, the astronauts’ survival on the unmanned planet, is a great cause for concern. “Many people don’t realise this but Mars was once a warm and wet planet,” Kobus claims. “Soil on Mars is about 2% water by weight, so getting water is a simple matter of heating the soil, which in the low atmospheric pressure does not take a lot of energy.”

To produce breathable air, the water will be split into hydrogen and oxygen, Divashen adds.

Divashen Govender

“As for food,” Kobus proposes, “the first colonists will immediately start farming using hydroponics, which is extremely efficient at producing food. Within a few months they’ll produce more food than they need and actually have a surplus to store for the arrival of the second crew.” Until such time, the first astronauts will have to live off “yummy dehydrated food sent in a supply mission beforehand. If properly rationed, the food will last for years, so they will be okay even in the case of a catastrophic farming failure and an aborted resupply launch,” he asserts.

Concerning life expectancy on the Red Planet, Kobus suggests two schools of thought. “One says the [life span] will be slightly less than on earth. The increased radiation exposure can lead to an increased risk of cancer, and the decreased gravity can lead to osteoporosis and other diseases.

The other holds that it will be slightly longer, because you only eat organically grown food without pesticides. There will be virtually no pollution, and the decreased gravity means less strain on your heart. My personal feeling is all things considered it probably won’t make a big difference either way.”

Kobus Vermeulen

And what about life on other planets? Well, Kobus supposes, it would be arrogant of mankind to believe we’re the only life in a universe with at least 100 billion galaxies. “It’s like bacteria living on a single sand kernel thinking it must be the only life on the beach,” he says.

“We live on what Carl Sagan described as ‘a mote of dust, suspended in a sunbeam’. We haven’t even fully begun to understand the size of the universe, and along our road to understanding all each step has ever taught us is that we’re even more insignificant than we originally thought. Chances are the universe is teeming with life too far away for us to ever reach.”

Now, the South African hopefuls wait to see what the future holds. If they make it past the selection rounds, they may be one of 24 people to establish a human settlement on Mars.

Top News Stories for February

Current Affairs…


On 12 February 2015, President Jacob Zuma held his annual State of the Nation address. Amid parliament’s chaos that evening, journalists reporting on the SONA address had absolutely no cellphone reception available in the National Assembly. The State Security Agency has been cited as being responsible for placing the cellphone jammer in parliament during the president’s speech. Meanwhile, President Jacob Zuma and the African National Congress (ANC) have described the signal jammer incident as unfortunate. A department investigation into the matter is ongoing.Election of the countries new president by the members of the South African parliament.


On Monday, power utility Eskom reported that the risk of blackouts in the country was medium to high. In a statement on Sunday 22 February, Eskom said that stage 1 load shedding would be implemented from that afternoon due to a loss of generating units. “The electricity supply system remains very vulnerable due to a shortage of generation capacity as several units are currently out of service due to planned and unplanned outages. Any unforeseen incident in the power system will thus trigger the implementation of load shedding.” Customers have been urged to use electricity sparingly.

Budget Speech 2015

Finance Minister Nhlanhla Nene is ready to present the budget speech to Parliament on 25 February 2015, at 2pm. According to Fin24, looming large in the minister’s speech will be employment, energy and infrastructure. It is also believed that the minister will have to entertain South Africans with the good news figures he has to offer. Stay up-to-date with all budget speech news here.

Finance Minister Nhlanhla Nene

Oscar Pistorius

Reeva Steenkamp’s family has expressed unhappiness at prison privileges that have been granted to Oscar Pistorius. Pistorius is scheduled for consideration for release into house arrest in August. In addition, his prisoner status has been upgraded from category B to category A. This means he’s now able to hug and kiss visitors, own a radio and wear jewellery. He will also be able to make more phone calls and buy more toiletries and treats.

Sports News

Cricket World Cup

The Proteas who face the West Indies this Friday, are sweating over the availability of seamer Vernon Philander. Philander bowled only four overs in Sunday’s 130-run loss to India at the MCG in Melbourne before pulling up with a left hamstring injury. On Monday he underwent a scan to determine the severity of the injury. Until his medical results are known, it remains unsure if Philander will be able to play on Friday.

Vernon-Philander-bowls-1024_3242795In other news

Stellenbosch family murder

In late January, shockwaves were sent through the the country when news of a grim axe attack on a prominent Stellenbosch family, was released. In the latest updates on the Van Breda family, police fear that 16 year old Marli van Breda, who survived the attack, may never fully recover to explain what happened on the night her family was murdered. Meanwhile, the younger brother, Henri van Breda, who sustained  scratches and bruises to his arms, is believed to have a tik addiction. Investigations into the family murder are still under way.